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Apexical flame retardant formulations enable treated fibers, yarns and fabrics to meet a variety of fire standards and regulations. Superior flame retardancy means enchanced protection for people, property and the environment. Many of our Flame Retadants are designed to meet the requirements of specific state regulations
A nonionic, aqueous dispersion of halogenated flame retardant metal synergist for use as a general purpose flame retardant that may be applied by padding, backcoating, spraying, printing or foam coating. Formaldehyde free, non-hydroscopic, non-plasticizing, noncorrosive.
Powder type flame retardant additive for use in non-aqueous applications, such as plastics, fibers and asphalt. With a small particle size, it is useful as a spin additive for heavy denier fibers of polypropylene, polyester, secondary acetate, triacetate. Also useful as a flame retardant for such plastics as polystyrene, polyolefin, polyurethane or in hot melt adhesives, asphalt coating formulations.
Recommended for flame retarding variety of fabrics and blends containing cellulosics, acrylics, polyester and polyamide fibers. Gives dependable and uniform flame retardant properties when applied to both woven and nonwoven fabrics. It is compatible with many finishing agents, including acrylic and PVC latexes. Resistant to dry cleaning. Imparts a dry, non-tacky hand. Relatively non-hydroscopic on most textile fibers. May be applied by padding or spraying. Applicable on unsized cotton fabrics for mattress ticking.
Durable flame retardant for 100% polyester for exhaust applications. Applied in the dye-bath in a one step operation with disperse dyes or by itself as desired. It is designed for providing durable flame retardant protection to polyester yarn, woven or knit fabrics in standard pressure dyeing equipment such as jet dyeing or package machines.
Recommended as a non-toxic, durable non-halogen flame retardant for polyester and nylon. After thermosol heat setting, fabrics treated with FLAMEPROOF #1528 will have a soft hand.
A highly efficient, durable and safe to use flame retardant chemical applied in dyebath treatment of yarn, stock or fabric. Enables 100% wool, as well as blends containing 10 –20% nylon, to pass normal flame tests in airline upholstery, industrial safety clothing and commercial decorative fabrics.
A blend of organic and inorganic compounds for dependable and uniform flame retardant properties when pplied to both woven and nonwoven substrates of synthetic and natural fibers. Compatible with many finishing agents including some latex emulsions and imparts a soft hand.
Flame Retardant for 100% Nylon. Treated fabrics will pass vertical flammability specifications, including NFPA-701. Withstands repeated dry cleaning & home laundries without affecting the flame retardant characteristics. Does not affect the shade of most dyes. Maintains excellent tensile strength characteristics. Minimal effect on UV stability and color fastness.
Pyrapex is based on a proprietary organic phosphinate composition. The product has a high phosphorus content, low melt point (220° deg C), high decomposition temperature and is not hygroscopic. A halogen-free flame retardant achieves excellent FR ratings at low loading concentrations in thermoplastic and thermoset resins. Excellent FR candidate for polyamide and polyester fibers, nonwovens and molding applications with the benefit of melt blending compatibility under extrusion compounding conditions.
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