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A concentrated product for treating washable textile fabrics with a fluorochemical finish. Can be used on synthetics such as polyester and nylon, as well as on natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool. Non red label. Non-yellowing, Low cost. Compatible with durable press resins. Removes stubborn oil based stains in normal laundering procedures. Fabrics retain fresh appearance longer.
Cost effective, durable fluorocarbon with excellent repellency and soil release properties. Designed to meet automotive specifications for cleanability. Provides excellent repellency to water, oil, alcohol and superior cleanability on polyester to ketchup, mustard, oil, chocolate, juice. It is durable to abrasion and cleaning and can be co-applied with flame retardants.
A durable textile finishing agent that imparts soil release, antistatic properties and increased moisture absorbency to polyester and polyester blend fabrics. Can be applied from dye bath or by padding. Prevents oil redeposition, improves moisture absorbency, and eliminates static buildup.
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