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Apexical's range of water & oil repellents provide durable, long-lasting protection against oil and water-based stains without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability of the fabric. From apparel and outerwear, to furnishings, bedding and upholstery, the treated fabrics stay looking newer longer and are easier to care for.
A concentrated, durable water and oil repellent formulated to allow curing to occur at ambient and low temperatures if required. Performance, however, can be enhanced if curing temperatures of about 320 °F can be used. It is effective on a wide range of fibers, including polyester, cotton, nylon and blends.
A high fluorine content water and oil repellent with extremely good durability to laundering. Can be used on polyester, cotton, nylon and most other fibers. Compatible with a wide array of finishing compounds, it offers good protection against pad roll build-up common with the application of many fluorinated water repellents. Non red label.
A concentrated, nanoparticle, durable water and oil repellent. It is most effective on synthetic fibers. Works very well in conjunction with flame retardants as it adds less flammability to treated goods than ordinary fluoropolymers. Action is achieved by the cross linking of fluorinated particles in the 70 to 100 nanometer scale. These particles form a durable lattice of low surface tension over the treated goods giving excellent durability to laundering and abrasion.
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