Welcome To Apexical

Apexical has a rich history as a manufacturer of unique specialty chemicals and has become an indispensable partner for the manufacture of performance textiles. Renowned for flame retardants, we offer innovative chemicals and our custom coatings and adhesives are second to none. Our core strengths are customer-oriented product development and outstanding technical service. Whether you are looking for performance enhancements or problem solving, contact us- we offer custom products and flexibility to help you improve your edge.


The FLAMEPROOF line of products represents a wide range of chemistries enabling industry standard flammability tests to be passed on various substrates.

Coatings & Adhesives

The BACKOTE series is an extensive list of highly tailored products which combine many functionalities to excel in an extensive range of environments and applications.


A large and diverse group of novel products for various industries
– from textile processing, to recycling and digital printing



Over a century, Apexical has excelled at meeting customer specifications no matter the industry or market size. Our mission is to push on-time delivery and consistent quality while not sacrificing value.

Founded in 1901, Apexical, started as an innovative chemical manufacturer for leather and was one of the first to provide flame retardants for textiles in 1950’s. Expansions into allied industries to include construction, paper recycling and digital print area have allowed these advances to solidify our position as a key partner. As a small private company, we are flexible to quickly address customer needs and changing regulations yet we still are large enough to have a global reach.